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A couple (okay three) years ago, my house was on the Holiday Tour of Homes, and I had a “shoe themed” Christmas tree in my bedroom. Since I moved two doors down this year, the committee asked if I wanted to showcase my new house on the this year’s tour, but considering all the time and work involved, I declined. Maybe next year. That will give me more time to find new Christmas decorations!

My friend, Rexanne* sent me a link to these Shoe Ornaments from Current Catalog, and priced at only $1.99 for all three (regularly $6.99), I’m definitely placing an order! And then I found even more shoe ornaments I want…


Kurt Alder Resin High Heel Shoe Ornaments – lots of other shoe ornament choices at Amazon, too!
Fashion Avenue Sex & The City Silver High Heel Stiletto Shoe Christmas Ornament
Sex & The City Shoe   Ornament – lots of other shoe ornament choices at Christmas Central, (search “Shoe”)!
All Stores that sell Shoe Ornaments for Christmas Trees:

*Rexanne Mancini is the author of The Catasy – a great “chick lit” book that I read in less than a week (a record for me) because I couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait for the sequel to come out now!

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  1. The formerly shoe-obsessed Wayne says:

    I LOOOOOVE those ornaments…I haven’t put up a tree in decades, but if I were to, I’d buy some!

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  3. The formerly shoe-obsessed Wayne says:

    Can’t you find a web guy to ban these Christian Louboutin spammers? Blocking their IP addresses or something?

  4. I thought adding a CAPTCHA Code would help. I guess I thought wrong. I will look into it.

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