What Does The Fox Say? Flats or Pumps!

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Clever So Sweet Flat Fox Flats

When I first saw this photo on Facebook, I immediately got that “What does the fox say?” song in my head.  As if it isn’t in my head enough of the time without seeing anything related to foxes! So, what does the fox say? Shoe-shoe-shoe-shoe-shoe-a-ding?

C’mon, you gotta admit these Clever So Sweet Flat Fox Flats are super cute, right?!

Also available from Modcloth, are these Smooth Statement Plaid Fox Heels which are equally as fun and cute:

Smooth Statement Heel Plaid Fox Pumps

Leave us a comment telling us if you would you wear these playful plaid pumps or fox flats? If so, which are your favorite?

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