Vintage Shoes and More on ArtFire

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure is an online artisan marketplace and Artist community that offers an e-commerce engine to power the sales of creative entrepreneurs. ArtFire welcomes Fine Artists, Hand crafters, Designers, Media producers, Vintage sellers, Antique Sellers and Art/Craft Supply sellers.

What does this mean for shoe lovers?   You can find vintage shoes (as shown above), antique shoes, shoe drawings, shoe decor, handmade shoes, socks and slippers, even witch shoes made of clay! Simply search “shoes” for thousands of results for shoe addicts!

In just 24 months since Launch, more than 100,000 members have joined ArtFire, listed over 3 million items and sold more than $5 million dollars worth of goods, all without paying a penny in commissions.

ArtFire offers two account types a completely free basic account which offers unlimited listings and no commissions and a much more powerful “Pro” account for the flat monthly fee of $9.95 per month. While only 15% of ArtFire sellers are Pro Sellers, they make 87% of the total annual sales.

ArtFire offers unique features vs other marketplaces including:

1) auto publishing your items to Google shopping, Bing shopping,, your checkout enabled blog ( via the ArtFire Rapid cart) and your Facebook business page ( via the ArtFire Kiosk). These tools reach 60 million potential shoppers per month.

2) Guest checkout, multiple payment options (Amazon, Paypal, Google Checkout and next month inline Credit Cards) and a cart that takes new users on average less than 30 seconds to complete checkout.

3) A completely customizable Pro studio where the seller chooses colors, layouts, graphics and styles and can link out on every item page to their blog, youtube, facebook, website and even Etsy store.

4) Automated worldwide shopper view currency conversion.

5) integrated blogs, galleries, messaging, order management, coupon codes, gift certificates, CSV export sales reporting and an etsy item importer.

6) 30+ other exclusive tools developed at the direction and with the input of artisan sellers via ArtFire’s “Community Directed Development” program.

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