The Shoe Diet

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

I have been trying to diet, so imagine my surprise when I found this book entitled “The Shoe Diet” at!   I ordered  my copy  and will let you know how it goes…

Can shoes actually help you lose weight? Absolutely! In The Shoe Diet, fashion and science strut down the catwalk together to help weight-obsessed America shed those extra pounds. Simply put, fabulous shoes make us feel good and feeling good makes our brains send out positive signals to our bodies. The result is a shoegasm weight loss through great shoes! Dr. Isabelle R. Shaw, noted scientist and researcher, has developed a cutting-edge method for losing weight. Using cognitive behavioral techniques, she provides a step-by-step guide to achieving lifestyle modifications in fantastic heels, no less! The Shoe Diet will help you: *Lose weight and keep it off *Decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease *Increase your energy level *Reduce stress *Remember anything worth doing is worth doing in a fabulous pair of shoes! Order your own copy now!

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