Wayne’s Shoe Collection: Part 5 (More Clogs)

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Easentials Box Top

This is a fifth post in a series that showcases the formerly shoe-obsessed Wayne’s shoe collection. Commentary by Wayne himself: Since I know Kim love brown clogs… Going back to my high-school days, there were two types of footwear I always fetishized and hoped would be available in men’s sizes: a pair of Dr. Scholl’s […]

Exceptional Shoes present luxury Takera Shoes in Sizes 11-15

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

Exceptional Footprints presents Takera Shoes

Exceptional Footprints is the first online retailer to carry Takera Shoes— now women with shoe sizes 11 and up are afforded luxury footwear.

Guest Post: Barefoot Tess

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

shoes. i collect shoes like some people collect fine art. my friends think i’m an addict. they are probably right. i don’t care. it pleases me that i’m able to do it. this was not always the case. i’m 6 ft tall and wear a size 12 shoe. there is not a shoe store, box […]