Somethin’ Else is Going On

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

I wonder if Skechers is phasing out their “Somethin’ Else” line, or else just  discontinuing  styles to bring new ones in?   I ask because I’ve seen them on clearance quite a few places.   I only paid $7.50 for my  Somethin’ Else by Skechers Crashers Deadline  (still over $50 at Zappos). has  every Somethin’ Else style marked CLEARANCE (one of my favorite words). Then just today at the mall, I  had to peek in Famous Footwear.   I came out with a cute pair of white Somethin’  Else by Skechers  summer sandals for only $5!   Looks like I could resell them on eBay and make a 500% profit! Nah, I think I’lll keep ’em.

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