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InStyle Magazine Cover

If you have  never bought  InStyle Magazine, I highly recommend it!   When Kim and I were coming home from New York City,  I bought a copy at the airport. There are tons of ads in it, and best of all  is that most of  the ads are about shoes! They  feature a lot of brands and a lot of  price ranges. The ads are not limited to shoes though, so you will have to check it out to see what else they have!

We found the best price on a subscription to  In Style Magazine at – only $23.88 for 13 issues! That’s over 50% off the cover price!   Treat yourself-celebrity style! InStyle invites you to meet celebrities at home to see how they express themselves in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Indulge yourself with each monthly issue, as you read about what Hollywood’s wearing- and who’s designing it, where to get beautiful and much more!

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