Shoes in the News: May 2014 Edition

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war-themed shoe ad from 1940

War themed shoe ad from 1940. Source.

In case you missed it, I’ve updated the photo of me in my shoe closet.  I do not have special hangers for my flip-flops, nor do I want any.  But if I did, Epbot has a tutorial on how to make them. I wonder what Men’s Health can tell about me from my shoes?

I was excited to read that ’90s footwear fave the mule makes a springtime comeback! reported that the average American woman will spend $20,557 on shoes in her lifetime, and that a fifth of those shoes will never be worn. I honestly think that fraction of shoes not worn is higher for me.

Vibram USA Inc. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit accusing the company of falsely advertising the health benefits of its FiveFingers footwear. Claim forms are available to all those that bought them at We all know that I have NOT ever bought or even wore Vibram FiveFingers Barefoot Shoes.

Could Google co-founder Sergey Brin not find anything better to wear than brown Crocs, with cropped black pants no less, to grace the stage at the Code Conference? I guess not.

Heineken partnered with the Brazilian shoe store Shoestock to give women 50% off during the European championship soccer game between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid reasoning that it will help men keep their nagging wives away so they can watch the game in peace. Unfortunately, they insulted female sports fans who called them sexist.

Disney plans to release a live-action movie of Cinderella in 2015. The official teaser trailer is consists of soley of the high-heel famous glass slipper. Neatorama suggests a petition to let Cinderella wear flats. Maybe she could get them at the FLATZ store in Atlanta that specializes in low shoes. And The Wall Street Journal says d’Orsay flats are going to be hot this summer.

Have big feet?  You’re not alone.

What to drool over some shoe porn? The Richest offers ten lust-worthy heels.

Special thanks to the “formerly shoe-obsessed” Wayne for contributing most of the above articles for me to share.

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  1. The formerly shoe-obsessed Wayne says:

    I’m surprised the ad didn’t include shoes “great for a Bataan Death March” or promise “a Holocaust of Savings”.

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