Shoes in the News: March 2014 Edition

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Thanks to the “formerly shoe-obsessed” Wayne for contributing the articles below.  Wayne knows how much I love mules, so it’s only it’s fitting that I begin this article with a link to this slideshow on Yahoo! Shine: Mules Are Having a Moment: 10 Pairs of Backless Shoes to Buy Now. reported that Johnny Weir has 1,300 pairs of designer shoes, putting Imelda Marcos’s shoe collection to shame.

Are trainers with stiletto heels the next big thing? Beware, they were spotted at Paris Fashion Week.

High-heeled Adidas shoes can’t be comfortable, but Uggs are. Business Insider tells us why Ugg Boots have become so ubiquitous. Ugg boot sales soared due to the polar vortex according to Quartz, but The Budget Fashionista posts her case against Ugg Boots.

The nation’s first openly transgender mayor, Stu Rasmussen of Silverton, Oregon, opens his closet doors to get cash for his city by auctioning off some of his shoe collection for his city.  The prices ranges from hundreds to several thousands of dollars each. Read more at

Designer Fiona Kotur, know for her handbag business, has decided to expand into the shoe industry as reported by Forbes.

And I end this news roundup post with a shoe ad that Wayne sent over from The Atlanta Journal & Constitution (Sunday) Magazine dated December 3, 1978.

Shoe ad from December 1978

I think my mom owned a pair of those “Step in the Right Direction” wooden heeled sandals. Thanks Wayne!

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