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Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure - Free Overnight ShippingFirst off, I invite you all to join our Shoeaholics Anonymous Group over at Facebook! Feel free to post any shoe pics, links to favorite shoe sites, videos, events, anything related to shoes!   More shoe news….

Men Don High Heels to Raise Money For Domestic Violence  

Pre-Order The Shoe Queen by Anna Davis  (to be released 12/3/07)

New Online Shoe Store – and believe it or not, one of the owners is actually  named Erik J.Heels!

Eco-conscious? Donate your worn-out athletic shoes to Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program, or even go so far as to  Recycle your  old skateboards into women’s shoes. is still offering $5 off Every Order Plus Free Overnight Shipping!

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  1. Wayne sent me some cute shoe videos that I didn’t get in time to add to the post above…

    How To Polish Shoes With A Banana


    How To Walk In High Heels

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