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Clear Shoe Boxes

Tszuji sent me some clear shoe boxes to review last fall, and I apologize that I’m way behind on my shoe reviews. But now that I am packing to move (I’m swapping houses with the neighbors), I actually needed these!

I used twenty clear plastic shoe storage boxes to house forty pairs of shoes (coordinated colors and sizes to be able to fit two pair per box), filled up two full totes of shoes to donate to Goodwill (it will be a painful good-bye), and I haven’t even made a dent in my shoe closet yet!

I like the Tszuji clear shoe boxes for shoe storage as they interlock when you stack them so the shoe boxes don’t slide (I took the picture before I realized this). They provide dust free storage (unlike my shoe cubicle system), ventilation holes, free silica gel sachets and easy access from either end of the box. Now I just need a hundred more of them! I did order some clear plastic shoe boxes from Tmart yesterday that I hope are the same or similar.

Anyone want to come help me pack?!

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