Shoe Review: Cape Clogs Wooly

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

Knowing what a huge mule/clog fan I am, Cape Clogs graciously sent me a pair of Wooly Clogs to review. My first impression was that they look like attic insulation with all the speckles of different colors.

Cape Clogs come in EURO sizes, so I requested a size 38 which is equivalent to a size 7/7.5 US size. But they must run big, as when I wore them yesterday, I had a hard time keeping them on. I wore them again today with thicker socks and they were much better. Even though they don’t look it, they are extremely comfortable.

Cape Clogs Tartan Red Plaid

I think I would have preferred the look of these Tartan Red Plaid Cape Clogs better. But I’m really glad I didn’t get the Silver Swedish Clogs (below), as they look like aluminum foil insulation!

Cape Clogs is known for making most of their shoes with crafted by one of Scandinavia’s oldest and most respected clog makers. Cape Clogs are available from and

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  1. "The shoe-obsessed" Wayne says:

    A better selection of clogs can be found at either:


  2. Just don’t know what to say – except – glad you didn’t pick the aluminum ones either

  3. I kind of like them all. Even the silver. I have also been told I show poor judgement in footwear……

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