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Crochet Tights in Burgundy BootsQ: Hello!   I’m sorry to bug you, and wouldn’t if this pair of boots had not driven me to an obsessive point.   I emailed them and they don’t know what the model is wearing. I’ve looked on all the shoe sites I could think of (zappos, shoes, shoebuy, amazon) and haven’t come up with anything. If you know where I could buy these, please let me know. It’s keeping me up at night! Thanks so much! ~ Roxie

A: I hate to say you may have stumped me! So far I’ve only found some similar Nina Fabiola burgundy boots with grommet and stud detailing. So, while I’m still investigating, I thought I’d post to see if our dear readers can shed some insight on your obsession.   Can anyone help Roxie?   Thanks, Kim

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