Shiekh Mellina-17G Killer Heel Pumps

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Shiekh Mellina-17G

Gotta love visitor submitted questions!

Q: If you were to wear these Shiekh Mellina-17G Pumps in the streets of New York, would the cops stop you and take your shoes away ? What if you were to go thru airport security? ~Jezz

A: Good question Jezz! I guess there’s only way one to find out, and I don’t think I’ll be finding out for you! Sorry! Anyone own similiar gun-themed shoes? We know Madonna does!   Check out Madonna wearing Chanel’s Miami shoes!

If looks could kill, then you are sure to knock ‘em out with these bangers! The Mellina pump features a patent leather and intricate  alternative to the traditional  style heel. Currently available and on sale from, $35.

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  1. They look like LV knock-offs.

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