Paris Hilton in Moon Boots

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Paris Hilton in the Tecnica Tecnica Moon Boot ®

Since when did Moon Boots come back in style?   Probably since Paris Hilton was  spotted wearing pink Tecnica Moon Boots  (available from, $134)  recently  at the Sundance Film Festival!   Not sure what’s up with her bunny hat, though?

Too bad I couldn’t find any moon boots or parachute pants  to wear with my leg warmers and big hair at the ShareASale’s 80’s Party in Vegas last week.

[phpbay]pink boots, 1[/phpbay]

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  1. Uhg!

  2. Its been 30 years since I had my last pair but Moon Boots are back! I remember going on some serious lunar landing expeditions in my parents back yard with phasers set on STUN. Moon boots were the bomb then and they are bomb now! Now if only I can find a silver NASA jacket like the one I had when I was 7 years old.

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