OneSole will Travel

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Women's Onesole Leisure Flight To Heaven I do not own a pair of these Women’s Onesole Leisure Flight To Heaven slide-on sandals, and I’m  not sure that I’m ready to  invest. However,  I like the theory behind Onesole – “The Original Interchangeable Shoe” idea.

These would be perfect for traveling. Toss a pair of soles in your bag with several changing tops, and it would appear you have several different  pairs of shoes.

Claims are that they are super comfortable because the tops are made of neoprene that conforms to your foot.    But really who wants to spend  over $100 on just the basic soles? They come with a pair of solid color tops and two different  extra pairs of colorful tops.   But additional sets of tops are sold seperately.

Check out all of Onesole’s availabile shoes in various heel heights, colors and tops at!

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