Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers

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Never Trust A Man In Alligator Loafers (Paperback)

Donna Sozio is a dating expert, shoe-ologist and the author of  Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers: What His Shoes Really Say About His True Love Potential  (available  from Amazon, $11).    Donna  teaches women how to read men by their shoes to see if they are good dating material –  what can take you three months to find out about a man, you can learn in the first 30 seconds just by looking at his shoes!  

Being in the dating scene myself, I have to admit that I look at men’s shoes while “on the prowl”. For instance, I tend to shy away men in totally white tennis shoes, and if they are wearing any other color than white socks with them, I run!   I’d like to read Donna’s book to see if my shoe instincts match hers – maybe I’m a shoe-ologist as well!   And it looks like a funny read…

A man may wear his heart on his sleeve, but his shoes will tell you what condition it’s in.

The Shoes: White Alligator Skin Extended-Toe Lace-Up Loafers
He says: I’ll call you.
His shoes say: At 3 A.M.

The Shoes: Suede Two-Toned Saddle Shoes
He says: Do you want to go to a movie?
His shoes say: But Mom wants me home by eleven.

Inside, you’ll also find such chapters as:

  • Talk Shoe to Me
  • Sex and the Sole
  • Coupling (Socks and Shoes)
  • Size Matters

Order Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers  now!

Have a dating, men or shoe question for Donna?   Ask Dr. Sole!

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