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iJustine on Price is RightSteve Madden Midory Booties

I’m a  big fan of  She’s cute, funny and smart. I think I have a girl crush.   Anyway, Justine Ezarik wore these Steven by Steve Madden Midory ankle boots in Pewter Metallic Leather  (On Sale  w/Free Shipping at – Outlet Store) earlier this month on the Price is Right set. Some of her commenters loved the shoes, while others claim it looks like she had duct tape on her feet.   Rock on iJustine!

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  1. Those are some hot shoes. :) Not gonna lie..I’m sad that you don’t have a girl crush on me!

  2. Oh Stephanie, I do have a girl crush on you as well, I just didn’t want to give you a big head! I mean who wouldn’t want Donuts for a dad?!

  3. I don’t know what’s cooler, the shoes or the fact Justine is spinning the wheel.

  4. "The shoe-obsessed" Wayne says:

    iJustine is proof there are a few too many blogs littering the information superhighway, and why I won’t be starting one anytime soon.

  5. Ha ha :) Thanks for the awesome post. I saw some girl trying on these shoes in the store and… had to grab em up. They are kinda odd and very hard to wear with outfits lol. I will have to agree that they may or may not look a bit like duct-tape :)

  6. I love the Midory heels! I’m getting myself a pair of them in purple suede – perfect for fall and winter.

  7. They do look a bit weird, I can’t think of a thing I could wear them with :(

  8. I love the expression on her face. As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many girl crushes.

  9. Wow iJustine I just wanna say you’re still alive here after all these year. Hanging out with you was Fun. But I just want invite you to this one thing. If You come, We’ll Remember you After You Die.

  10. yea here’s my email again.

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