Look Like Squeak

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

Last week,  Kim and I went out of town for the day, I was meeting an old friend, and she rode along for her day at the spa.

Of course, we went shopping.   And of course, we looked at shoes!  I bought two pair, one of them  being these apt. 9 Shore Lizard Wedge Sandals from Kohl’s.

The funniest part was the first thing Kim said was “those look like you”. Then this morning I showed them to a co-worker, and she said, “those look like you”.

So there you have it, these are my style and my taste, and I  love ’em.   Best part is that I got them on sale  plus an extra 20% off with a coupon!

apt. 9 ® Shore Lizard Wedge Sandals are also on sale at Kohls.com!

[phpbay]wedge sandal, 2[/phpbay]

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