Kim Boosts More Brown & Black

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

I was in Omaha yesterday and got to see the new DSW store for the first time, and can you believe I didn’t buy anything there?!   I can’t either, but I did manage to buy 5 (yes, five) other pairs of shoes!  

Kim's Shoes from Famous Footwear

Shes shown above are  from Famous Footwear (BOGO plus coupons)…
What’s What by Aerosoles Saddle Up Black Mules I think these are being phased out and replaced by the Aerosoles Cinch Worm Mule (I want these in brown!)
Eurostep Over The Top Brown

Kim's Shoes from Kohl's

And these from were from Kohl’s (on clearance, my middle name)…
Union Bay Brown Bits Loafers
Mootsies Tootsies Never Wrong Black Satin Heels I have the the perfect black velvet dress with rhinestones  to wear these with – problem is I’ve never had an occasion to wear the dress yet, but if I do, I’ll now have the perfect shoes for it!
Mootsies Tootsies Mo Amust in Dark Brown I already have these in Black and have worn several times, so think these may make good church shoes.

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