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Kelly Ripa for Ryka  Ryka Women's Assist

Kelly Ripa is the spokewoman for Ryka Shoes –  performance footwear for women’s athletic needs from aerobics to cross-training to running and walking.   Ryka shoes are designed exclusively for women to fit the unique mechanics of a woman’s foot. And currently is offering an extra 20% off Ryka footwear with Code: RYKA09

Shown above is the  Rkya Assist cross-trainer (style # 73423)  that fits all of your activities while looking good at the same time!

  • Ryka - Devotion Plus (Jet Ink Blue/Royal Blue/Elite Blue/Ryka Pink) Women
    $80.00 from
  • Ryka - Vida RZX (White/Chrome Silver/Ryka Pin) Women
    $75.00 from
  • Ryka - Dynamic 2 (Black/Ryka Pink/Iron Grey) Women
    $75.00 from
  • Ryka - Roanoke (Black/Ryka Pink/Met Steel Grey) Women
    $35.00 from
  • Ryka - Grafik (Black/Iron Grey/Beach Glass) Women
    $60.00 from
  • Ryka - Flextra (Enamel Blue/Teal Blast/Mint Ice/Bougainvillea) Women
    $70.00 from
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  1. They couldn’t pick a better spokeswoman!

  2. Totally agree!

  3. Me too. I love Kripa!

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