Fuchsia Blowfish Booties

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Blowfish. Women's Handwork. Item No. 72650,72655

Can anyone really explain these Blowfish Handwork booties? They have a canvas upper and a rubber boot bottom.   Jeans would cover the “individual style” buttons and just leave you with the rubber rain boot look.  And of all colors, really hot pink?  So tell me who would spend $60 on these (available from Famous Footwear)  and where in the world would you wear them?

[phpbay]pink boot, 1[/phpbay]


  1. I can imagine a teeny-bopper wearing them with brightly colored tights and a skirt?

  2. Those are beautiful but not in this color. I could see them in dark green or brown – they’d look great during a trip to the woods.

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