Guest Post: Barefoot Tess

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

shoes. i collect shoes like some people collect fine art. my friends think i’m an addict. they are probably right. i don’t care. it pleases me that i’m able to do it. this was not always the case.

i’m 6 ft tall and wear a size 12 shoe. there is not a shoe store, box OR mall, within 50 miles of my house where i can walk in and buy a pair of womens shoes to fit my feet. i was doomed to a life of mens shoes. not for me were the pretty, girly peep toe pumps. the jewel encrusted sandals. the yellow gator ballet flats. but no more. one night i happened to stumble across a website called ““. a website designed for me – a woman with feet in direct proportion to her height. at prices i could afford. brand name shoes that i had only lusted after were finally going to be mine. and mine they are. shoes. beautiful, glorious shoes. mine. all mine. finally for the first time in my life i get dressed from the top down knowing that no matter what i choose to wear i’ll have shoes that work. not only work but dazzle.

for all you women out there that are completely discouraged by the meager selection on other websites – shoes that even your grandmother wouldn’t wear, for women that are tired of going into shoes stores and saying “you DON’T have these in my size, do you?” look no further. check out seriously. you’ll thank me.

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