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Payless ShoeSource
I used to associate Payless Shoes with “cheap”. Probably because I grew up with no money, and my friends all had Nikes while I had the Nike knock-offs from Payless.

But the last time the ran their “Buy One, Get One Half Off” Sale, I gave them a second chance. They do now carry a few good brand names! I ended up buying a pair of Champion Sneakers and some Airwalk clogs (not the Croc wannabe’s). I wanted to show a picture/link to one or the other, but I do not see either carried online anymore. They obviously change their stock frequently.

Plus they’ve modernized their Logo! I can honestly recommend them now. And take advantage of their BOGO offer (ends 9/5)!

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  1. I LOVE Airwalks (im partial to the slip-on canvas type tho)
    my oly problem is that they dont sell them in mens im 15 so i want cool shoes and not some “grown up” type. if u find any info on where i can buy some for cheap pleaze let me kno.

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