Golf Sandals?

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

My weakness for shoes includes all kinds of shoes, and being a golfer, it includes golf shoes as well. Not so sure  I would wear these  Michel Perry Golf Sandals  out on the course, but they would work for  the club house. You have to look close to see the textured material,  as it is made  with  the exact same print you find on your golf ball. I actually like them but not for €425 (which equates to $850 US Dollars)!


  1. If I was strutting around the club house it certainly wouldn’t be in these sandals. Maybe it’s a ploy against men to make sure they rub their ladies feet.

  2. I actually kind of like them, my fiance (an avid golfer) would love them until he found out how much they were!!! Who pays that much money for shoes?!

  3. I would think you could buy some decent golf clubs for that price!
    Certainly unique shoes, but not for the club house!

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