Gift Idea for Shoe Lovers: Custom Tees

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I Love Shoes Long Sleeve T-Shirt Wear Cute Shoes White T-Shirt I'm All About Shoes Long Sleeve T-Shirt Flip Flops Maternity T-Shirt

Looking for a gift for a shoe lover? has a ton of custom tshirts with shoe themes. The designs can also be made into an array of other products such as tote bags, coffee mugs, teddy bears, mousepads and more.   Designs shown above (from left to right) are…

I Love Shoes Long Sleeve T-Shirt features shoe graphics with the words “What girls want”, $28.99. Tell the world that you love shoes! A great gift for any girl who loves shoes more than anything else in the world! Humorous? Not really! Shoes are serious business!

Wear Cute Shoes White T-Shirt features the words “Life Is Short… Wear Cute Shoes!”, $18.99. Whatever the occasion, ~ splashed with fun and color sure to be remembered for a life time!

I’m All About Shoes Long Sleeve T-Shirt features red slingback graphics with the words “I’m all about shoes”, $26.99. Do you love shoes or know someone who does? A shoe designer? A shoe buyer? A shoe wearer! They’ll all love this design! “I’m all about shoes!” tells the world your passion is shoes! Follow your bliss!

Flip Flops Maternity T-Shirt features 16 (sixteen) pairs of colorful flip-flops, $26.39. Cool, colorful, Summer, flip flop design featuring a pair of the original thongs for each month of the year. A unique, custom gift for the girl with everything.

And they don’t only carry “shoe” designs!   They carry everything from Cafepress Eclipse t-shirts to Rotten Tomatoes themed items.

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  1. Thanks for posting my Flip Flop T-shirt design. I have a concept I have been working on to feature a Shoe of the Month T-shirt. I would like to make it a Shoeaholics Anonymous exclusive! Please contact me at via email if you would like to discuss this cross-promotion opportunity!

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