Feel Crazy Good with Dr Scholl’s

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Dr. Scholl's Avalon SKU #7417437

Last weekend, my friend Lisa  wore these cute  slide sandals. Jealous, I had to ask the brand. Can you believe they are Dr. Scholl’s? I thought Dr. Scholl’s only made “old lady” shoes, but these are hot! Plus she said they are extremely comfortable. I guess their tag line does say “Feel Crazy Good”…

Dr Scholls Avalon Sandals, available in Black Croc with Silver Rings &/or Brown Croc with Gold Rings, $63 from Zappos.com.

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  1. i hear the feel crazy good scholls shoes are very comfortable. I too thought they were dor old ladies. I’ve been trying to find a pair of an older style named “Cagey,” but can’t find them anywhere. If anybody knows where I can find those shoes in a size 9 in the mustang brown color, answer here!

  2. I have been desperately seeking Cagey shoes for SO LONG! Looking for size 10 in Mustang Brown

  3. I like these and I still love my Dr Scholl’s sandals

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