Every Kid Needs New Shoes for School

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

When my daughter, Macy, was a baby in the hospital, one of the nurses asked me if I named her after Macy’s Department Store or after the Macy’s Indian Reservation? Um, neither. Fact is, I didn’t want to name her Macy. But the name fits her well.

adidas. Women's Ezya
Anyway, I took the girls shopping for school clothes yesterday. Famous Footwear is having their Buy One, Get One 1/2 off Sale! Macy wanted “shock shoes”, so I was happy to see the price tag on the Adidas Ezya Cross-Trainers. Regularly $74.99. On Sale for $49.99. Even Free Shipping Online.

But I wasn’t going to waste my 1/2 price opportunity. And Macy’s twin sister, Mallory already found some Nike Impax Running Shoes at another store. I ended up finding a pair of Nike Xccelerator on sale for my youngest daughter.

I had forgot to bring along my Rewards Coupon to use, but the gal had said if I bring in my receipt with the coupon, she’d give me money back. What a deal. Instead, I think I may have to BOGO myself a few new pairs of shoes. Have I mentioned lately how I love Famous Footwear?

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