Clearly Cute Sandals

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

I do not own a pair of clear shoes.

I  always thought they would end up sticking to my feet and not be comfortable.  

But these Ralie Vinyl Slings from Annie (available from, $29.99)  are clearly cute.

Plus the site’s  trademarked slogan  is “Comfort is Always in Style”, hence they should be.

Leaf appliques with metallic stud detail give this vinyl sling its provocative flair. Made with an elasticized buckle, slightly cushioned insole, dress sole.

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  1. I like them! I just bought a pair of Michael Kors “Midnight” sandals in white, and they have some clear areas. It’s a cute style!

  2. I love the clear heels! I just got a pair and they make me feel like Cinderella!

  3. Well these sandals are cute & design is very nice…color combination is good.. you ll look more pretty in these sandals

  4. And I thought they were kinda fugly, sorry Squeak.

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