Wear to Where these?

When looking for new styles on Shoebuy.com I came across these Mellow World Rose Parade shoes. The description states these adorable silk flats are smooth and comfortable to walk in. While I may agree with that comment,  I still wonder,  where do you wear these? For one thing it's winter here in Nebraska, and these would provide no warmth nor traction on snow and ice. I think I will leave it that they should be slippers, and not  shoes. You'll have to check  them out as there are several other … [Read more...]

Flip Flop Slippers

I really cannot figure out the point of flip flop slippers. When I think of slippers, I think of  keeping my  feet warm. These  Old Friend Sheepskin Flip Flop slippers  at Shoebuy.com seem totally useless to me. Maybe they provide the ultimate in barefoot comfort, but for $34.95 I'd rather have a real pair of shoes. [phpbay]slippers, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Shoes, Slippers & Boots from Soft Surroundings


Guest Post from Wayne... Women's Leather Laced Kitten Heel Jezebel Boot - Brown Turkish Taffy Women's Mule Slide And for the pet lovers... Women's Snuggly Soft Slipper with Puppy or Kitten Design Don't forget Shoes.com Saturday Sale!  Save up to 60%! … [Read more...]

Where to Wear these?

OK,  help me out here... Where does one wear these socks? Are they  designed  to be worn under skirts? Maybe a dance recital or better yet, maybe Halloween? I honestly cannot think of anyone I know that would have this item in their closet, let alone wear them  in public. However, if you're into them, there are a ton to choose from on Shoebuy.com From what I can tell Celeste Stein has the corner on this market. [phpbay]pantyhose, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Slip Into These Koolaburras

For those of you that wear slippers, try slipping into these Koolaburra Velcozy Slippers. I am not a person that wears slippers. The minute I walk into the house from a long day at work, I kick off my shoes and am barefoot until I go to bed. I just do not see changing shoes for in the house. I'm sure that the Merino wool is  soft and comfortable  as it  takes the shape of the foot, however I am not convinced the sheeps wool increases circulation as it claims. Available from ShoeBuy.com … [Read more...]