Place Your Bets with Reef Dealer

  A friend of mine just ordered these Reef "Dealer" flip flops (shown left) available from, $34.  The felt playing surface and poker table markings along with a  poker chip on the heel makes them fun.    Ironically, he wore them to a golf outting, and Reef also offers another style, Mulligan flip-flops  (shown right)  geared toward golf with a synthetic turf footbed and gold ball dimple embossed leather. Guess he had his sports mixed up for the day. [phpbay]flip-flops, 1[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers

Donna Sozio is a dating expert, shoe-ologist and the author of  Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers: What His Shoes Really Say About His True Love Potential  (available  from Amazon, $11).    Donna  teaches women how to read men by their shoes to see if they are good dating material -  what can take you three months to find out about a man, you can learn in the first 30 seconds just by looking at his shoes!   Being in the dating scene myself, I have to admit that I look at men's shoes … [Read more...]

New Balance 768

While in Vegas, we went bowling, which gave me an opportunity to check out everyone else's shoes! My friend, Pat Grady told me how  great his  New Balance 768 Stability Running Shoes fit,  "They can be worn fishing or around the house or on the tennis court...   all purpose great shoe with just enough style and good looks, yet cushioning and support to go anywhere, do anything."   Pat previously owned and loved  the discontinued  New Balance 767 (which replaced New Balance 765), so it was a … [Read more...]

Super Nike Shox NZ SI

One of my co-workers claims these Nike  Shox NZ SI running shoes (available from  are  multi-purpose shoes. He wears them for running, volleyball, racquetball and beer drinking. I threw in the beer drinking as that is what he does following the other activites  listed. He's a typical man thinking that you only need a limited wardrobe of shoes. Us women, on the otherhand, would  need several pairs of shoes for all these activities, including some just to wear while buying … [Read more...]

Gravity Defying Shoes?

        Who can resist looking at the Skymall catalog when traveling? Not that I travel a lot (but Kim and I are venturing to NYC later this week),  but when I do it's fun to look through the Skymall catalog. It's fun to see all sorts of new gadgets and off the wall items that most people cannot afford to buy or do not need.   So in the  latest edition you can purchase these Gravity Defyer shoes that are  supposedly  "super comfortable and known for know for their special formulated shock … [Read more...]