Sort, Store, See, Show, Shoes

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Picture Perfect Shoe Storage

Do you have any type of fetish? Or are you a neat freak? I tend to think neither of myself, but I do have these Closet Fetish Couture Shoeboxes in Stiletto Red, and Kim has them in Lavender.     You simply  take a snapshot of each pair of shoes  and slide it in the frame found on the end of each box,  so they not only organize your closet space, but dress it up. "These will be perfect in my closet" ~  Melania Trump And now, they make collapsible organizing boxes that we may need to invest … [Read more...]

Shoo Away Shoe Bugs

Cedar Folding Shoe Rack

I'm always looking for new shoe storage options, and came across this Cedar Folding Shoe Rack (no longer available online).   Looks like a contraption my mother used to have in the utility room to hang wet clothing on if we couldn't hang them up outside on the clothes line. And the description made me chuckle... Specially designed to hold up to 12 pairs of women's shoes, this modular space-saver uses natural cedar wood to repel insects and keep closets smelling fresh. I've never had a … [Read more...]

I need more shoe storage or less shoes…


Here is a pic of me in my closet that was taken during a photo shoot for a Revenue Magazine article.   Unfortunately the art director thought other pics were more appropriate for the magazine, but I thought you dear readers may appreciate it. I've already created new house plans in my head for House for Kim 2.0 that include a bigger (much, much bigger) walk-in closet and  more shoe cubicles (you can't see all the shoes lying on the floor that didn't fit in the cubes). [phpbay]shoe storage, … [Read more...]

Envious of this shoe closet


Wow, am I  jealous or what? I recently toured a friend's new home and this is her closet, yes just hers. Not only would I like to have this space in my home, but also the selection of shoes! The worst part is that we do not wear the same size so I cannot even borrow a pair... or two... or three... or twenty.[phpbay]sandals,   3[/phpbay] … [Read more...]