The Power Of Displaying Shoes

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Shoes on Display at Store

The right display of shoes will stop you right in your tracks. Be it Nike, Christian Dior, DKNY, or Vera Wang, each display will need to be inviting for the particular shopper. Here are a few carefully planned out tactics of reeling you in to get that perfect pair…or two. Themed Window Display You’ll need […]

Shoe Bench: Show off your Shoes

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Prepac Furniture Shoe Storage Cubby Entryway Bench Photo

Your love of shoes is nothing to be discouraged about. It can be a great way to show off your inner style and get the look you are going for. Shoes can turn a dull outfit into a masterpiece. For those who have a broad selection of shoes understand the importance of having a pair […]

Tips For Keeping Shoe Collections In Order

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Tips For Keeping Your Shoe Collection In Order

Shoes, glorious shoes, don’t you just love them? Shoes never fail to attract attention, make a statement, complete an outfit or serve a practical purpose – and we couldn’t live without them. Chances are you own numerous pairs of shoes, including gorgeous heels, heavenly flats and cool boots. Each shoe type needs special attention if […]

Wayborn 5697 Bentley Shoe Bench

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Bentley Shoe Cabinet Photo

Even though I have a wall in my master closet full of built-in cubbies for my shoes, we still have shoes strewn though out the whole entire house. Our laundry room right off the attached garage is the culprit for most of the discarded pairs of shoes that get kicked off mine and my kids’ […]

Do you buy shoes from a dump bin?

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Kim needs help with her shoe closet

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I recently moved two doors down, and I’m still unpacking and organizing everything. I actually downsized in terms of bedrooms (went from six to five) and bathrooms (went from four to three), but I was ecstatic to find out my new master closet and pantry are actually bigger than my previous house which means more […]

Shoe Review: Tszuji Clear Shoe Boxes

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Tszuji sent me some clear shoe boxes to review last fall, and I apologize that I’m way behind on my shoe reviews. But now that I am packing to move (I’m swapping houses with the neighbors), I actually needed these! I used twenty clear plastic shoe storage boxes to house forty pairs of shoes (coordinated […]