Stilettos Notecards

  My long-time friend, Julie  from  (I highly suggest signing up for her monthly motivational newsletter), sent me these perfect Paperstyle Stilettos Notecards for my belated  birthday.  I plan to use the first one to send  Julie a thank-you note.   I also plan to  use one of each of the four designs to create a collage to frame to add to my shoe decor. Paperstyle Stilettos Notecards are available from Square format notecards with coloured envelopes, … [Read more...]

PMS = Purchase More Shoes

  For my birthday,  my friend, Dustie made me this gift. She had gotten the idea from a craft fair, and she's creative enough to remember and remake things on her own.   Squeak is also creative and gave me a lovely autumn wreath that she made as well! I wish I were so crafty. Anyway, Dustie found a greeting card with shoes on it, cut it  to fit in a picture frame and put metallic  letter decals  around the frame saying "PMS... Purchase More Shoes".   She has me pegged! Now you have a … [Read more...]

Shoe Garden Pot

One of my best friends, Jill spends several days a week traveling for her job. There is this store called Family Dollar that we do not have locally, and she loves to go there whenever she has the chance. Her last trip and purchase included this shoe planter. She  knows since I love shoes, have lots of shoes and work for shoes I needed this. I currently have it on my desk as I'm  not sure what I'm going to plant in it. For the time being when people ask about it, I tell them it's my glass … [Read more...]

Manolo Blahnik Books

I may never own a pair of actual Manolo Blahnik shoes, but I found the next best thing available for a fraction of the price that  will probably end up giving me more shoe satisfaction!   Amazon carries  these books:  Manolo Blahnik Drawings  and Blahnik by Boman: Shoes, Photographs, Conversation  which would not only make great coffee table books in my bonus room, but I thought I could frame some of the pictures to hang in my house! [phpbay]shoe picture, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

It’s a Shoe Thing

Check out these hot shoe  prints by Jennifer Brinley! It's a Shoe Thing Art Print  - only $7.99!   Shoe Girl Framed Set  - only $99.98 (List Price $209.99)! You can also buy each of the above prints separately for $7.99 to mix and match with some of her other prints to  frame yourself. I'm thinking these would look really nice in my master bathroom in my new house! … [Read more...]