Puzzled Picking Out Your Wedding Shoes?

This is kind of fun - if  you go to this Your Dream Wedding site, you can find all sorts of  online puzzles to play, including this Bridal Shoes puzzle... [phpbay]puzzle, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Hot or Not Couture?

I'm all for knock-offs and saving money, but is Steve Madden okay with Anne Michelle practically reproducing replicas of  Steve Madden's hot couture  and then selling them  for half the price? Steve Madden Bukled, regularly $99.95. On sale for $79.95 Anne Michelle Moto-X-01, only $51.98 from LoveMyShoes.com   It's almost like looking at a "What's wrong with the picture?" and trying to find the differences, and there are not many!   Anne Michelle also makes a … [Read more...]

Green Shoes and Eco-Friendly Footwear – A New Approach

Not too long ago, the words green shoes or eco-friendly footwear might have evoked images of clunky, funny-looking shoes that were purely functional at best. Although green footwear has been available for quite some time, the market is growing exponentially in response to public demand for eco-friendly shoes. That being said, green shoe companies are doing their best to compete with their mainstream counterparts. What Are Green Shoes? Companies that make green shoes, or eco-friendly shoes, … [Read more...]

International Shoe Lovers Rejoice

Most online shoe stores like Shoemall, Zappos and OnlineShoes.com offer free shipping, but living in the US myself, I regrettably fail to mention that the free shipping offers are for usually for US states and territories only. If they do ship internationally at all, they tend charge outrageous shipping fees. Since my website statistics show that we have a lot of readers in Australia, the Philippines and several European countries, I've found a solution for my international friends - Check … [Read more...]

Origami Shoes?

Check out these origami shoes by Dutch designer Marloes ten Bhömer.   And these are not just pieces of art, but you can really wear them!   You can see  more of  her  designs at the Virtual Shoe Museum. [phpbay]origami, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]