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Men's Bostonian AkronAs a 9 to 5 a day guy in Corporate America, business casual is the dress code of most Fortune 500 companies. Trying to coordinate clothes for a 5-day week can be tough, but getting a good, comfortable pair of shoes can be toughest of all.   Style counts, but shouldn’t substitute for comfort. For style and comfort, check out these Bostonian Akron Shoes.

Slick black design with a glossy look shouts professionalism. Most important, this design is quite comfortable. An added bonus is how quiet these shoes are on hardwood or tile floors. You won’t get the ‘click click’ noise like a woman’s heel.

Expect to pay $90 to $115 for a pair like this, but with regular maintenance, these will last you for several years.   I bought my Bostonian Akron shoes from for $109.95 with Free Shipping.


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