8 Tips To Find The Best Hiking Boots

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One of the most important equipments you require when are backpacking is your hiking boots. They can single-handedly change your experience from a good one to a bad one. Hiking boots that are not of good quality can lead to pinching of toes and blisters. Therefore, if you are going hiking, then take the time to get well-fitted boots.

You don’t need to get too expensive boots for this. Adding a pair of good hiking socks too can add to a good hiking experience. Given below are 8 tips to be remembered when you are buying hiking boots.

  1. The first thing you need to determine before buying hiking boots is how often will you use them. Are you a serious hiker or a casual one? If you are a serious hiker, then you will need more than one pair of shoes that will give you a good grip and traction that is essential on a slippery trail.
  2. The next thing to determine is how heavy your backpack will be. If the weight of your backpack is to be heavy, then you need shoes will good grip so that you do not injure your feet and ankles. The shoes should support your ankles.
  3. When you are buying hiking boots, wear your hiking socks to the shop or carry it with you. These socks are essential to protect your feet from blisters.
  4. Your shoes should be about half a size bigger than what you usually wear. You should be able to move your toes comfortably but they shouldn’t be so loose that your feet move inside.
  5. If it is possible, then try to wear the shoes and walk on an incline. Speciality shops selling hiking boots also have inclines so that customers can try the shoes on them.
  6. It is essential to have cushioned midsole to keep your feet comfortable.
  7. Check the sole of the boots as it will determine how good the grip of the shoes will be. The tread pattern on the sole should be criss-cross or any multi-directional pattern.
  8. Check the durability of the shoes by checking the material that it is made up of. Good hiking shoes are a combination of synthetic and leather. The leather that is used may be full grain leather, as it is the thickest and the best in terms of durability. It may also be split grain leather that is easy to break in as compared to full grain but is not very durable. Your shoes should also be waterproof.

After finding the perfect boots, wear them often so that they can be broken in before you wear them on a trail. Maintain them well and they will serve you for a long time loyally. Treat them regularly with mink oil and they will thank you for it.

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