5 Funky Heels & Wedges for Summer

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

Hey guess what? Winter is officially over, even if it doesn’t seem like it…

This is one of my favorite times of year, the days are getting longer again, the weather is showing signs of changing, spring is getting into it’s groove and summer is just around the corner!

So all you shoe lovers out there are going to be thinking about what shoes you are going to be wearing this season… right?

So in this post today, I wanted to bring you a range of some of my own favorite heels and wedges for summer, because you’re going to want to look your best when you’re out in the sunshine aren’t you?

1. Gladiatrix

Ok so we already know that gladiators wore some pretty funky sandals, that’s why 2000 years on they are still ‘hot’. But what did their wives wear? Well I’d like to think something like these Gladiator heels. Either way, I’m loving these as a funky going out shoe this summer.

2. Lollipop

Well I’m sure I don’t need to explain why these made the list. They just look perfect for strutting down the board walk. The perfect summer shoe for the girl who just has to be in heels whatever the weather.

3. Colin Stuart Cut-out Pump

Well. Mr Stuart has done a very nice job with this beautiful heel. The soft pastel colors will go beautifully with some floaty summer outfits. These shoes are almost too good to wear out… But that’s not going to stop anyone is it now?

4. Nina Wedge

I’m loving these wedge platforms, ultra high and very cosmopolitan, these are just begging to be taken on holiday this season. Wear these with summer skirts, shorts or a bohemian style wrap dress you’re going to look perfectly in style whatever your choice.

5. Flippers!

Is this the perfect beach heel?!? Ok, so this clearly isn’t a real shoe, but I couldn’t resist throwing it because I love the idea; even if not wholely practical… But who knows, maybe this concept could spawn a whole new sport: high fashion scuba diving?


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