3 Essential Post-Winter Footwear Tips

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Donning dirty footwear isn’t likely to get you on any best-dressed lists, and now that it’s March, your footwear collection likely bears the marks of common winter hazards. Caked on mud, salt residue and sludge marks take their toll. These three tips will help you quickly reconcile your winter shoe wardrobe.

From Flawed to Fabulous

1. Salt Lines and Sludge: Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar. Use the mixture on a cloth and gently dab away the salt rings. Follow up by dabbing the area with fresh water, and then allow the shoes to air dry. This method should easily clean off the stains. Inexpensive premade mixtures are available at most shoe stores.

2. Mud on Suede: It’s easy to remove mud from most shoes but suede is a hazardous exception. If you’ve properly pretreated the fabric with water repellent prior to wear, there’s hope for sprucing them up. Gently brush away dirt with an emery board and then freshen up matted suede with a soft bristled brush. Light steaming works wonders to help release flattened nap. Magic erasers or vinegar water mixtures can help with the smudges, but the suede will not be the same if you use these products.

3. Wash and Wear: By far, the best way to avoid shoddy shoes in winter is to consider incorporating a few pairs into your wardrobe that washers can take care off. Often, the whole shoe can’t be thrown into a washer but the inside of the shoe can get hit just as hard by winter. Bulky boots often cause sweaty feet and stale smells. Freshen these shoes up before spring comes. Baking soda and foot powders can help with must or wetness and smell. Many heavy boots and winter sports equipment items have removable/washable liners. Toss these in to get the snowy stink out.

Last Ditch Effort

Stylish shoes are the centrifugal force behind any wardrobe, and they can literally make or break any outfit ““ so, dirty ones won’t cut it. If all else fails, there are plenty of professional shoe cleaning services that can often work miracles.

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