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You Lucky, Lucky Boys

I don't want to bore you with my shoes all of the time (although it will take me to infinity to review them all). So, I encourage readers to email me with your favorite shoe styles. Wouldn't you love to see your name in lights as a Shoeaholics Anonymous Favorite? From Shmuly of One Park Avenue Reality: "My favorites are the Cole Haan with the Nike Air (I have three such pairs)." If I were a guy, I think they would be at the top of my Fav List as well. has a great selection of … [Read more...]

What Kind Of Shoe Are You?

This Shoe Quiz is geared towards students, but being the shoe lover that I am, I took it anyway. And I'm a flip-flop? Didn't I stress enough I don't like flip-flops? What Kind Of Shoe Are You? You are the flip flop!Take this quiz! Ok, I just looked at all the possible results. I should be glad I'm a flip-flop and not a busted converse or a goth boot. … [Read more...]

Got BOGO on the Brain?

I used to associate Payless Shoes with "cheap". Probably because I grew up with no money, and my friends all had Nikes while I had the Nike knock-offs from Payless. But the last time the ran their "Buy One, Get One Half Off" Sale, I gave them a second chance. They do now carry a few good brand names! I ended up buying a pair of Champion Sneakers and some Airwalk clogs (not the Croc wannabe's). I wanted to show a picture/link to one or the other, but I do not see either carried online anymore. … [Read more...]

Every Kid Needs New Shoes for School

When my daughter, Macy, was a baby in the hospital, one of the nurses asked me if I named her after Macy's Department Store or after the Macy's Indian Reservation? Um, neither. Fact is, I didn't want to name her Macy. But the name fits her well. Anyway, I took the girls shopping for school clothes yesterday. Famous Footwear is having their Buy One, Get One 1/2 off Sale! Macy wanted "shock shoes", so I was happy to see the price tag on the Adidas Ezya Cross-Trainers. Regularly $74.99. On … [Read more...]

B is for Betula Birkenstock Bump

Now, I am not a big Birkenstock fan. Not exactly sure why. But a lot of people obviously are as I featured these Betula Licensed by Birkenstock Bump Sandals for only $39.95 in my last ShoppingBookmarks' Hot Deals & Freebies eNewsletter, and the response was exceptional. Originally listed at $109.95, it's hard to resist the deal. Betula Licensed by Birkenstock Bump Highlights... 2-strap upper with adjustable black buckle close on each strap 1 strap over top of foot; 1 strap in front of … [Read more...]